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Made people reminisce about the perfect conditions for a hot chocolate

Donja van der Stelt

A writer pretending to be a copywriter, a creative posing as  a dressmaker, someone with a balcony acting like a horticulturist, a musician aspiring to be a handfluencer, a pastry chef trying to start a pro bono advertising organisation...

Wrote a 16 chapter interactive story for the biggest festive campaign of the year


Made sure Gen Z doesn’t drink and drive by giving them a bigger purpose

zak rechts.jpg

Taught the British to swear in foreign languages

krantje plaatje hoera.jpg

Printed bloody knickers in the national newspaper


Made a children’s book on polarisation. Together with my mum.

schepjes zonder logo.jpg

Re-invented the Trojan Horse,
but made it "shovel"

Main Visual Packaging.jpg

This does not exist yet, and that is a shame.

Actually made people quit smoking in an ideal world

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