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Gold winner of 2018

Most women have always heard from their mothers and their friends that the monthly discomfort and in a lot of cases the need to take multiple painkillers a day, are just part of being a woman. But menstrual problems and pains are not as normal as we think they are, and are often a sign of underlying problems. The Endometriosis Charity stands up to create awareness for the fact that girls and women can seek help. When we participated in the NRC Charity Awards, we were asked to create a double spread to ask attention for this subject. Due to its stopping power, our ad won the competition.


The NRC Charity Awards is an initiative of the Dutch NRC newspaper. Charities and students are given the opportunity to publish a print ad in the newspaper, after which readers are able to vote for their favorite one. A jury of experts picks the winning ads. 

In collaboration with Roxanne Enkelaar

NRC Charity Awards


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