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One single day, multiple brands - flagshipped by Nike - will release limited edition shovels to promote an incredible cause.


JustDiggit has found a way to regreen areas affected by desertification; simply by digging holes. For this world changing yet easy method, you just need a shovel. In order to make sure that everyone has heard of the great cause of JustDiggit, we will iconize the shovel. How? By asking multiple brands to create their own branded version of the iconic JustDiggit spade, which will then be globally released on the same day. A great attention grabber, onto which we will link the story of JustDiggit when the public has gotten curious about the mysterious spades, which will actually just have been a trojan horse in order to communicate the message of JustDiggit.

Concept and strategy developed by me during internship at Havas Lemz


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