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How do you reach, appeal to or even change someone

whose attitude to life is 180 degrees opposed to yours? Not by expressing how wrong you think they are. What it all comes down to in any form of communication, is empathy. The first thing I do in any challenge is to look at it from the other individual’s perspective, no matter who this person might be. Because in order to communicate anything to anyone, you need to understand where they’re coming from.

Doing a lot is doing a little, but doing a little bit of everything might just be enough to accomplish a lot. That’s why some time ago, I consciously made the decision not to limit myself to just one path, and have positioned myself as a multidisciplinary creative. It allows me to handle any challenge I face in my work differently, and treat it with exactly that what it needs in order to find the best outcome possible.

Whenever I hold onto these two traits, connecting the dots comes naturally to me, and most of all,



Schermafbeelding 2020-11-06 om 13.44.14.
Donja van der Stelt


Re-imagining the future through arts and sciences - RASL minor

Advertising - Willem de Kooning Academy

Tailoring - ENSAID school of fashion


Creative at DEPT Agency

Junior Creative at Superheroes

Junior Copywriter at ROORDA

Freelance Copywriter

Creative intern at Havas Lemz

24 Hour Pitch AMVBBDO x Doritos


Gold I NRC Charity Awards I Endometriosis Charity

Published I NRC / NRC Next national newspaper I Endometriosis Charity

Honorable Mention I YoungDogs I Dubbelfrisss

Shortlist l Dutch Creativity Awards l Talent
Silver I YoungDogs I 2023

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