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story seamstress

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About Donja


Story Seamstress - someone who weaves together the threads of narrative and fashion, creating pieces that are not just worn but experienced. 


I have a degree in advertising, where I earned skills such as creative direction, problem-solving, concept design and branding. I enriched this foundation by studying at the fashion vocational school, where I immersed myself in the art of design and sewing. 


For the past four years, I've channeled my inner "female Don Draper" by gaining experience as a creative and writer at several ad agencies. There, I learned to craft compelling narratives that actually resonate with audiences. Now, I'm on a mission to reinvent myself by blending my previous experiences with my skills in writing, fashion design, and sewing. I aim to combine the worlds of fashion, conceptual design, and writing into a tapestry of creativity and innovation.


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Donja van der Stelt


Story Seamstress___2024

Medior Creative___DEPT Agency___2023

Junior Creative___DEPT Agency___2022

Jury Operator___ADCN___2022

Junior Creative___Superheroes___2021

Junior Copywriter___ROORDA____2021

Creative Intern___Havas Lemz___2020

24 hour pitch___AMVBBDO___2019

Mentions & Awards

Silver___ADCN Awards___2024

Nominated___ADCN Awards___2024

Nominated___Gouden Zaag___2023


Shortlist___ADCN Awards____2022

Honorable Mention__YoungDogs___2022

Gold___NRC Charity Awards___2019


Minor I Erasmus University
Re-imagining the future through arts and sciences


Advertising I Willem de Kooning Academy

Creative Direction, Concept Design, Branding, Problem Solving


Fashion Design I ENSAID school of Fashion

Dressmaking, Fashion Design, Tailoring, Pattern drafting




+31 6 439 89 442



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