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Every great idea ever, started with someone who believed. 

With people who dared to dream about possibilities, no matter how crazy or unrealistic they might have been to the latter of humanity. If you’d ask me about my greatest asset and coincidentally satisfaction, I’d tell you exactly that. Dreaming and shattering prejudices. This attitude isn’t just applicable to humongous projects that might save the world one day. I find my inspiration in places written off as the middle of nowhere and forgotten people, for dreams start in moldy bathrooms or around tables filled with too many empty bottles. Possibilities, however, are created when we care enough to consciously observe and listen, in order to connect all these insignificant people and their stories and ideas, with the people who know how to make them happen. It’s what I love most about being a creative, and what encouraged me to study Advertising in first place. Every aspect of a great idea is of importance. If I believe in something, connecting all the dots will come naturally, and most important, sincerely. 


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Donja van der Stelt


Re-imagining the future through arts and sciences - RASL minor

Advertising - Willem de Kooning Academy

Tailoring - ENSAID school of fashion


Creative at DEPT Agency

Junior Creative at Superheroes

Junior Copywriter at ROORDA

Freelance Copywriter

Creative intern at Havas Lemz

24 Hour Pitch AMVBBDO x Doritos


Gold I NRC Charity Awards I Endometriosis Charity

Published I NRC / NRC Next national newspaper I Endometriosis Charity

Honorable Mention I Young Dogs I Dubbelfrisss

Shortlist l Dutch Creativity Awards l Talent

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