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Let's play with our food!

Anything can be made out of Lego, but can Lego be made of anything else?


Kids play with their food. If their parents won’t let them, they’re definitely thinking about doing it anyway. Playing allows children to step out of their limited everyday world into their own one, full of imagination. With Lego pasta, children can transform their plate filled with boring green peas and dry meatballs into a world of green pea trees, meatball rocks and their very own edible lego house or whatever they can think off. When they’ve finished constructing their culinary masterpiece that looks a lot more tasty and pleasing than before, they can immortalize it in their bellies. And their parents? They’ll probably invite their friends for a playdate somewhere in the coming weeks.


Let’s play with our food. 

Idea and concept by me

Visuals by Thomas van Driel

More coming soon.