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Give me a minute, buy me a future

BRIEF Develop a PR idea that builds belief in Fossil as a brand that understands 18 - 24 year olds need to make time for what matters most to them.

INSIGHT & PROBLEM 18 to 24 year olds are working on their future every day. It’s the age of important decisions that will determine the rest of their entire life. No pressure at all, right? But they’re not the only ones who think their futures are important. Their parents, teachers and the government want them to be their best selves at all times as well, and make their future count.

Too much pressure can be harmful. It causes people to make the wrong decisions about what they really want, because there’s too little time to think it over. When the pressure’s there for a longer period of time, it might even cause mental health problems. There are many studies and articles about this growing issue, yet no one really does anything about it.

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Solution: Fossil will take some of their own time to help our youth ask for some themselves.

Sometimes all you need to do, is to simply ask. In an open letter to parents, teachers, the government and the world we live in, we kindly ask for a minute of their time to read it and give our question some thought.


We’ll gather attention for the letter by putting up a hashtag on the Big Ben - a fitting place as this is the very icon of time. We’ll emphasize the urgency of our case, by putting a figure of youngster in the clock, pushing back the clock hands in order to stop time.


The hashtag will lead you to our pop-up website, where you can sign the letter, print it and hand it to whoever needs to read it.

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Parties such as the government who can solve the problem of pressure, aren’t doing so. By helping our younger generation speak up about one of the bbiggest threats to their present day and future, Fossil will gain sympathy and belief that the brand truly has their best interest at heart. 


The fact that the letter is kind and not demanding but simply asking, ensures that we’re not upsetting anyone. Additionally, an ask must always be answered. So the letter and the projection on the Big Ben are a great conversation starter about the value of time.

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