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Find a way that’ll bring young people closer to classical music and the Concertgebouw again.


The (cinematic) allure of the orchestra concert halls and all their splendor, is equally the reason younger people don’t come anymore. The way classical events are depicted in films does not translate to reality, because the image and atmosphere around classical music that were once the center of society, haven’t changed in a hundred years. Meanwhile, our youth have, and classical music doesn’t fit them anymore. Their idea of classical music and the concertgebouw, is that it’s filled with old, white people, which feels as a totally unaccessible environment for youngsters. Sadly, they’re right.


The youth have their own style, which stands perpendicular to the dresscode and perception of the concertgebouw. A big part of their closet exists of recycled, up-cycled and thrifted pieces. 



We’re up-cycling the dress code that dominated the concertgebouw until now. Because the music isn’t the problem, the accessibility towards it, is.


A month before a concert, you can bring your old sports clothing, second hand thrift shop finds that you never wore or even the things you wore as a child that don’t fit you anymore, to the Concertgebouw, where your measurements are taken and your information and preferences are written down.


A team of talented fashion designers, seamsters and seamstresses will transform what was old and dusty into something hip and on fire. 


By creating an atmosphere around classical music that speaks to the aesthetic of today’s younger generation, listening to classical music itself will become more accessible and “normal” again. 

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During the process of this project, I designed two garments - a dress made out of old basketball shirts, and a waistcoat made from old silk scarves.


With the importance of social media in mind, everything around the concerts should be as sharable as possible. In order to gather attention for this stunt, we’ll create exclusive invites for relevant influencers to go behind the scenes at the sewing process, and attend the opening concert and walk the recycled red carpet made out of discarded carpets and samples to show your one of a kind outfit on. 


Additionally, we’ll create TIkTok and Instagram filters to get the buzz going. An AR filter places you on stage, and allows you to be the conductor of your own Concertgebouw experience. With the hashtag #concertclout, we’ll make it easy to hitch in with the buzz.

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