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*coffee sex machine

Context & Work

In a society in which many jobs are automated and replaced by robots, the rise of sex robots is inevitable. After researching the topic, we found that the lot of the people who visit prostitutes aren’t just looking for sex. Above all, they desire a connection on both physical and emotional level. Voluntary sex work is therefore an intimate and therapeutic session, and a robot, in our opinion, simply can’t offer you that same experience. 

Based on our research, we stated that a sex robot is nothing more than a machine for pleasure. Just like a coffee machine. This comparison gave us the idea to make a coffee machine you need to have sex with in order to get a cup of coffee; an absurd machine to emphasize how odd it is to replace such an important and demanding profession as sex work with a robot. In order to dispurse it, we put a pornographic video of it on PornHub under several relevant tags, and hope to, one day, exhibit it in the Sex Museum.

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